*All guests are required to wear masks upon entry, exit and in public areas*

Cowboy Fly Open Mic Night

Dec 28 - Jan 01
FAF Open Mic is a live showcase where audience members who are amateurs or professionals can perform on stage, often for the first time, or have performed occasionally. If you think you are funny then showcase your skills and take it to the stage with Chuckles Funny AF open Mic Night!

Just register your name and info online https://memphis.chucklescomedyhouse.com/open-mic-night/
Doors will  be open at 6:30 and final registration for comics will be between  6:30-7:15. No entry fee is required however, you must bring a minimum of 4 people that will be supporting you....The stage fun starts at 7:30

Get your tickets now !! Then laff hysterically at the the  FAF open Mic